Back in 2017, Cheyenne Valenzuela came on board as our Summer photo intern and turned the streets of NYC into a bikini habitat. I was not only struck by her talent, but also reeled in by her real deep down kindness. You know it when you meet those few people. Just being around them makes you feel light and like a better person. They basically radiate an aura of rainbows. It’s a goal I am still trying to achieve.


cheyenne mood.jpg

Well, since then, she’s managed to package that kind spirit, top it off with a Vegan lifestyle—another goal I’d like to achieve but sadly don’t think I’ll ever have the willpower to—and build a pretty solid base of admirers that tune into her YouTube channel on the reg.


In her latest vlog, she opens up about her own body issues, her struggles to overcome the negative voices we’re all plagued with when we stare in the mirror and start poking at our belly rolls, and embrace the skin she’s in. Her video made us feel teary and happy all at once. Hope it makes you feel good too.


Dig in, and soak up the rainbows...


cheyenne sunny.jpg