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From the beginning, keeping production local, has been one of our core business values. And for us, the beaches don’t get more local than Rockaway.

Linda is a Black artist and designer based in Rockaway Beach, NY. We met Linda back in 2017. We loved her for her straightforward business ‘tude and her ability to take our design concepts and make them a retail reality. Since then, she’s been our go-to for accessories. Most recently, she’s helped us craft Covid-wise face masks and super cute, stretch mesh beach totes.


We took a moment to catch up with Linda and ask her a few questions...


Were you born in Rockaway? If not, what brought you there?

I was born in St. Croix, Virgin Islands and grew up in St. Thomas, VI. I moved to the Rockaways after a fateful trip to NY where I ran into a childhood classmate with whom I fell in love and have been happily married to ever since. We have 4 beautiful children, their wonderful spouses, and 5 wonderful grandchildren. 

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What do you love about living there?

I love that it’s away from city areas, the quietness. I love the fresh smell of the ocean, listening to the meditative waves crash at night from the beach and the beautiful Manhattan city skyline view from my 11th floor terrace. And I just love watching the beautiful sunsets. Those are a big plus!


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How long have you been sewing?

I’ve been sewing for 30 plus years since I trained at and graduated from Traphagen School of Fashion here in NY. 


What is your favorite thing to sew?

I love sewing tote bags. Bridal veils as well. I especially love sewing for all of my family, whatever they request. Their encouragement and help has brought me to this point in my sewing career.



What kinds of things do you like to do during your free time?

I love outdoor activities spent with all of my family such as camping, retreats, hiking, and quality family time. And of course sewing a little something is always on my table. 


Do you have any local recommendations for fun places to go in the Rockaways?

There’s always the beach.

There are also some good local restaurants not too far from Riis Beach. Pico, a nice local Mexican restaurant, comes to mind. Floyd Bennett Field is also a good place that offers a variety of activities for all ages. There’s the Rockaway ferry for a nice cool ride downtown and back.


Catch more of Linda on IG here.



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