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We have a lot to learn from our great aunts and grandmas. For those of us constantly getting besieged with images of insta celebs #travelgramming, the photographs of the dames tanning below are a refreshing reprieve. When we fell into this virtual vortex of seasoned tanning pics, we felt like all the perky pop music was put on pause—bye bye Siesta Keys. We’d made it into the deep house of vacationing—Golden Girls Beach edition. We found ogling these pics so much more satisfying and kind of invigorating. They were definitely closer to the kind of beach vibe we were striving for.


This level of give no f**ks beach attitude can take decades to peak. But if you’re hoping to master this level of oceanic majesty ASAP and don’t know where to start, we’ve broken it down into a list of 6 actionable and quite enjoyable steps:



1. Take a nap

Michael Ernest Sweet coney island ii.jpg

People watching is fun, but there’s nothing like hitting the snooze button on the beach to really settle in and get comfortable in the sand. Just listen to the water, or if you need a little added help unplugging, my father swears that listening to some Bob Ross does the trick.


2. Opt for some more advanced head gear

Leon Levinstein coney island.jpg

Petaled swimming caps, towering towel wraps, or professional coifing will do. Shades are an obvious must.

Goggles can be added for the adventurous spirits. Umbrellas are also a popular alternative.

Andy Sweet, south beach retirees.jpg


3. Let it roast

Leon Levinstein, coney island.jpg

Responsibly though. Spread ‘em, let the sun pile on in every nook and cranny, and don’t forget to flip.

Michael Ernest Sweet coney island iv.jpg


4. Go strapless

aaron ross coney island hat.jpg

Untie, unlatch, and destrap. Free the shoulders, and keep those tan lines in check.

Aaron Roses Coney Island ii.jpg
Michael Ernest Sweet coney island iii.jpg


5. Alert the posse

Andy Sweet south beach.jpg

You look great, but share the information with your beach companions if you really want to turn some heads and make a statement.

arlene-gottfried coney island.jpg


6. Love the skin your in

Andy Sweet, south beach ii.jpg

Confidence and beauty are always there if you believe it, and they never grow old.



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From Top: Aaron Rose 1. Michael Ernest Sweet 2. Leon Levinstein, Andy Sweet 3. Leon Levinstein, Michael Ernest Sweet 4. Aaron Rose, Aaron Rose, Michael Ernest Sweet 5. Andy Sweet, Arlene Gottfried 6. Andy Sweet Cover image: Aaron Rose